Evamaria Simon

„The wolf has to be God. “

Mystic and Mystagogy in Godly Play

Lately the question of the significance of the child in theology has come into focus with its inherent challenge to pedagogues how to further and support the theology of the child. In addition, this article examines the possibility of mystic of children. Next to the consideration of the role of pedagogy in this context, the author puts the question of mystagogy. How do the encounter with God/mystery and teaching relate in Godly Play? How can the relationship between adults and children be described in the process of mystagogy? The term mystagogy is critically evaluated in comparison with Karl Rahner’s and Manfred Josutti’s positions. On the basis of spirituality, ecclesiology, pedagogy of faith formation, and christology ten core themes and problems are offered for a conversation about the theory and praxis of Godly Play. In conclusion different kinds of mystagogy are formulated which help mark in a new way an intersection of pedagogical, theological and spiritual accompaniment.