Unterstützung für Godly Play in osteuropäischen Ländern

Der Godly Play deutsch e.V. hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, engagierte Christen in Ländern des ehemaligen Ostblocks durch Fortbildungen, Materialien  und Beratung bei der Entwicklung von Godly Play in ihren jeweiligen Ländern zu unterstützen.
Zum Beispiel reisten die beiden Fortbildnerin Heidi Ebel und Sheila Whittenberg im Oktober 2013 nach Minsk, um in Weißrussland einen Erzählkurs zu leiten.
Zum Beispiel übernimmt der Godly Play deutsch e.V. die Tagungs-, Übernachtung- und Verpflegungskosten für je eineN TeilnehmendeN aus Lettland, Weißrussland und Tschechien zur Teilnahme an der Netzwerktagung im März 2014 in Hildesheim; außerdem haben die deutschen FortbildnerInnen privat Geld zusammengelegt, damit die weißrussische Teilnehmerin die Reisekosten bezahlen kann.
Zum Beispiel verwendete der Godly Play deutsch e.V. Spenden, die er für DVD-Kopien der englischen Version des Films "What is Godly Play in Germany?" erhalten hatte, damit die Lindenwerkstätten bestimmte Materialien nach Lettland senden konnten; an dieser Spendenaktion beteiligten sich auch der Godly Play Trust (UK) und die Godly Play Foundation (USA).
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Hier ist, was Anita Kazaka, Godly Play-Fortbildnerin aus Lettland, an uns geschrieben hat:

Dear brothers and sisters in Germany,
We are very thankful for your generous donation – so many Godly Play materials. We haven’t used all of them, but we know that they will not stay somewhere in the box. I am on my maternity leave right now and therefore I don’t serve as Godly Play story teller as often as before, but when I am invited I go and tell a story. I also lead Godly Play introduction days (though not as often as before) where I use your materials.
Some of the materials I have lent to my colleagues who use them in their classes. So/In that manner I have lent Noah’s Ark, the Temple, the Books of the Bible and Jonah to my colleague Līga Cepurite who works in Salaspils. For some lessons I lent the Temple to our friend Lolita Millersone who serves in Rāmava’s muiža in the Godly Play group with children who are from the surroundings. I have also lent these materials to one other storyteller Rikarda Damroze who has Godly Play class in Ikšķile’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and to Laimnesis Pauliņš who serves in Cēsu Baptist church.
Your materials are used widely, and they help children and adults in Latvia to wonder about God’s stories. I attach some photos from latest Godly Play introduction day where we were invited to tell about Godly Play to 17 people.
When I think about your help I can’t stop wondering about it and my heart fills with great joy. I can’t grasp how God has organized all this! He simply put the idea to help someone in Latvia (the land they have never been and the people they have never known) in some people’s heart. And there it is – these people were obedient to God, donated their money and helped us. And now we in Latvia have so many wonderful materials which help children to come closer to God! They also help adults to understand what children really need. Not only understand this, but also play with these beautiful things and discover something new from God’s heart for them. It is a miracle! And I am thankful beyond measure for your gracious help. It makes me feel very humble – who am I that God allows me to see this part of his work. And it helps me to see how close we are to each other, although we do not even know each other’s names and we don’t speak each other’s language, but we are brothers and sisters in Christ – united by the language of our hearts.

Sincerely, Anita Kazāka

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